Customized finish
We offer our customers the possibility to customize their ribbons with corporate colors or graphics.

Anideal advertising space for your messages!

Custom ribbon design

Customize your Tecnobarrier pole tapes with digital printing. From simple text or logos to multicolored photographs, a wide range of printing variations are available thanks to our advanced printing techniques.

Steps to customize the ribbons:

STEP 1 - Customer request
The customer will send us an e-mail defining the characteristics of the ribbon that needs to be customized:

-Tape length - According to our products.

-Tape color - If a specific color, send RAL, PANTONE or HEX code.

-Logo or image - If required by the ribbon, send file in vector format *.ai, *.pdf, *.eps. Pixel files or images (only valid .png transparent format) must be submitted in CMYK, with a minimum height of 5 cm, a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) and without an embedded color profile. Logos copied from websites or a scanned letterhead cannot be used.

-Text to be inserted (If the ribbon requires it, send the file of the specific typography. If the client does not define it, we reserve the choice of the typography).

-One or two sides (Define whether the graphic to be printed is on one or both sides of the tape).

STEP 2 - Proposal by TENSABELT
TENSABELT will send an email with a proposal of the graphic design in *.pdf so that the client can see the location and approximate measurements of his request. If the proposal is two-sided, we will try to ensure that the graphics do not coincide on both sides, to avoid transparencies and reading problems in the final printing.

STEP 3 - Confirmation from the client
Send an email with a response about the proposal. If the answer is:

  • Affirmative, we will proceed to the printing of the proposal sent.
  • Negative, explain by the customer what the problem is or what we can improve and TECNOBARRIER will send a new proposal with another version of the tape.

STEP 4 - Printing
With an affirmative response by e-mail the project will be moved to the production queue and will be produced as soon as possible.

Our prints are made with the sublimation technique. It is the method that over the years has provided us with the highest quality and durability in printing.

TENSABELT reserves the right to slightly change the dimensions of the proposal in order to optimize the printing process and improve the final result.