Why Tecnobarrier?

Why buy Tecnobarrier®?
Throughout the world, various laws and regulations state that space holders must make reasonable accommodations to avoid placing a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage. Tecnobarrier's universal base has been developed with these requirements in mind. It has the lowest profile on the market, making it easier for wheelchair wheels to pass over the base and is not an obstruction for the visually impaired.

1. Retractable slow braking system

Our products are equipped with a slow braking system to ensure maximum safety.

2. Safety lock

By means of a red spring-loaded button, we prevent the tape from unhooking accidentally.

3. Spring manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standards.

One-way stretched steel spring especially for use in the collection of seat belts in the automotive industry, tested up to 20,000 collections.

4. Tape manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Synthetic fiber tape 48 mm wide and 0.75 mm thick. The fabric is specially designed to facilitate the return of the tape (zigzag weave) and the dyeing is done after its manufacture and is fixed by autoclave, thus guaranteeing the uniformity and duration of the color.

5. Quick head replacement

The reels allow quick and easy replacement with a single screw. If you want to change the tape, it will not be necessary to change the whole post.

6. Robust tube

Our standard tube is 70 mm in diameter with a 1.5 mm wall, which gives it weight and strength.

7. Ultrathin base DDA standard

With the ultra-thin 1 cm high steel base, we guarantee the fluidity of the glues and the fusion of the posts with the environment.

8. Ballasted base

All our bases incorporate a steel ballast.

9. Base with protection

The ultra-thin base of our poles is equipped with six rubber protectors to prevent scratches on the ground.

10. DIN Union

The tube and base assembly is joined with a standard screw, an M12 (DIN 7991).

CE Marking: Access to the European market
The CE marking guarantees common levels of safety, functionality, durability, energy savings and environmental protection in Europe. The products have been designed, developed and manufactured in Spain.
Certified production
Certification according to ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for the company's environmental management.
Recyclable products
Our products are manufactured with recyclable recyclable materials. Our plastics are 100% recyclable, as well as the metal parts made of steel steel parts and cardboard packaging are 100% recyclable.